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My name is Gustavo and I'm: Guitar Shred, Warrior, Writer, and musician... Hails from mexico city...I love this: Power Metal, Viking, Black metal, Death metal, Neoclassic metal, Depressive, Industrial, Orchestras, Books, Timo Tolkki, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kiko loureiro, Guthrie Govan, J.R.R.Tolkien, Stephen king... Girls, Tattos, Piercings, Long hair, Forest, Terror, MLP.

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Opeth is my life and is fucking awesome. I need to see them again. No matter what mood you’re in, ANY mood, you can listen to Opeth.

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Everfree Hunt by AssasinMonkey

I win 2 tickets to dream theater show :D!!! Fuck yeah :3!!!

I just miss her…hurts…


Happy 25th birthday, Game Boy!

Game Boy Business Card Holder by The Daily Robot, available at Etsy.


Sydney Corcoran poses at the finish line one year after she was injured in the Boston Marathon bombing. More Here

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